Assistance With Personal Care

Our personal care is flexible and tailored to you. We come to your home and meet you and your family to discuss your requirements and needs and compile a detailed care plan for you. You might need our services for an hour a week or three hours a day. Whatever your needs are, we will meet.

Personal care includes:

  • CAH - Side image - wide2Providing a good start to your day, to your preferred routine, including waking (cup of tea in bed!), dressing, bathing, bathroom assistance, washing, oral hygiene, shaving, grooming.
  • Breakfast preparation, ensuring medication is taken as prescribed and documented.
  • Evening service again to your preferred routine including preparing supper, ensuring medication has been correctly taken. Bathroom and bathing assistance, dressing for bed and ensuring a drink is accessible to maintain hydration through the night.
  • Making sure you and your home are safe and secure for the evening.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, or feel free to visit us for a coffee and a chat.
Call: 01283 736708,  Mobile: 07399 375576, or email us at